How to Write a Job Posting to Get More Coverage

Basic principles for writing a vacancy and how transparency in the description increases the number of relevant responses.

This guide will show you how to make your job description more attractive to candidates on InGame Job platform or wherever you want.

How to Write a Job Posting to Get More Coverage - Boost InGame Job

In this guide, you will learn

  • Basic principles for writing a vacancy
  • Mandatory blocks that cannot be skipped
  • Why is it important to indicate salary ranges
  • How transparency in the description increases the number of relevant responses

Step-by-step instructions for creating a job ad

Required blocks are marked.

1.Introduce yourself*

  • Who are you and what are your main projects?
  • Tell about the company so that it is clear that you are not a one-day company.
  • If you are an indie studio, describe the project in detail: what makes it unique, and what drives you to create it?

Write who you are looking for. Try to interest the candidate with an exciting description of the tasks and the importance of their contribution to the project’s development.

Be concise and do not go into a glossy advertising style.

2. Tell what you’re working on*

Write what project the candidate will work on and at what stage this project is. Please provide the necessary links.

Be sure to include genres and platforms so that relevant candidates contact you.

According to the Big Gamedev Salary Survey by InGame Job and Values Value 2021, 37% of candidates are ready to change jobs for a more interesting project, so do not be lazy to describe your project in a quality and exciting way.

3. Specify the format of work*

Need an employee in the office or remotely? Do you offer relocation? Write about it.

If you are posting a vacancy on InGame Job platform, we will give you special recommendations.

  • Office format

Select the country and city where the office is located. 

Attention! The choice of country and city affects how your vacancy is displayed when a job seeker searches: your vacancy will be shown only in the city that you have specified.

  • Remote format

If employment involves only remote cooperation, activate the “Remote” button. It is not necessary to select the country and city, but it is possible. Indicate the candidates from which countries the company is ready to cooperate.

Attention! Selecting the “Remote” format affects how your vacancy is displayed when a job seeker searches: your vacancy will be displayed in all available locations.

  • Relocation

If you offer a relocation, activate the corresponding button and select the country you are transferring the employee. Next, select the city where your office is located.

Attention! Selecting the “Relocation” affects the display of your vacancy when a job seeker searches: your vacancy will be displayed in all available locations.

Don’t ignore this section. The more accurately you fill it out, the faster candidates from your location will be found!

According to the Big Gamedev Salary Survey by Values Value 2021, 27.5% of respondents cite the desire to move to another country or city as the reason for changing jobs. More than 50% of respondents are ready to relocate when they have such an opportunity.

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4. Specify who the applicant will work with

Write down the size of the team, and indicate the candidate’s place in the company’s hierarchy. Provide a link to the profile of the lead or producer if it is a famous and authoritative specialist in the industry. Describe the attractive features of your team.

5. Be clear about who you are looking for*

We recommend first drawing up a profile of the role of your potential employee and only then choosing a position name that fully corresponds to the profile. It will also help determine the candidate’s category and profession correctly.

For example, in the Games and Level Design category, you can select the following professions:

  • Lead Game Designer
  • Game designer
  • Level Designer
  • Narrative Designer / Script Writer

And in the Art and Animation category, you can choose such specialists:

  • Art Director
  • 2D Artist
  • 3D Artist
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Concept artist
  • Motion design
  • Visual Effects Artist
  • 2D Animator
  • 3D Animator
  • Technical Artist

6. Specify employment format*

Estimate the workload of the future employee and indicate the appropriate format of employment: part-time or full-time, freelance.

7. Specify candidate’s level*

Employers often make mistakes and indicate the candidate’s level, which does not correspond to the tasks and areas of responsibility at all. Think about whether you are looking for a Senior level candidate? Maybe Middle is ok? And if you’re looking for a Junior candidate, don’t push them away with phrases about experience or challenging tasks.

8. Write down the candidate’s experience and range of tasks*

How much experience is required? What professional skills are needed? Knowledge of what programs, tools, and languages ​​are essential?

What is the primary business purpose of this role? What tasks will the specialist have to solve? What are his areas of responsibility? What are the key KPIs?

No need to overestimate the requirements for the candidate. Also, remove those tasks that require a minimum of skills from the job description.

9. Specify payment format*

Select the payment interval with the future employee, taking into account the format of employment that you have chosen earlier. For example, freelancing means paying by the hour or by the project, not by the month.

10. Specify salary ranges

You have the right not to indicate the salary ranges on the site, but we will tell you why it is desirable to do so.

  • According to the Big Gamedev Salary Survey by Values Value and InGame Job 2021, 80% of qualified professionals do not apply for jobs without salary ranges because they do not want to spend time discussing an offer that may be cheaper than the current one.
  • When published in our telegram channel, a vacancy indicating the salary range receives two times more clicks.
  • The absence of a salary range closes access to many partner highly specialized communities where we post our vacancies.

The salary/currency can be specified in the fields Salary from, Salary to, Currency, but this decision is up to YOU!

11. Describe the personal qualities of the candidate

What soft skills are welcomed and encouraged in the company? Use common sense, think about how important they are to you, and what you are willing to put up with to complete the task.

12. Describe what you offer

Time to praise the office, employee development programs, social packages, and corporate events. Divide your benefits into material and non-material.

How to Write a Job Posting to Get More Coverage - Boost InGame Job
How to Write a Job Posting to Get More Coverage - Boost InGame Job

13. Make the selection process transparent

Describe the procedures in the company: how many interviews will be during the hiring process, with whom (recruiter/team lead/CEO) and whether there will be a test task (paid/unpaid), whether it is necessary to attach a portfolio or other additional information in the response.


Tanja Loktionova, founder of Values ​​Value, co-founder of InGameJob:

The customer must participate in the preparation of requirements for a specialist. A customer is someone who desperately needs a new specialist, that is, a team leader or project manager, department, or the entire company. The customer can help the recruiter understand what skills a newcomer in this team needs on this project.

Good luck finding the perfect candidate!

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