Top Job openings 1 — 7 September 2022

Check out our weekly top game industry jobs! InGame Job and Values Value have compiled 68 open jobs for you 👇

Top Job openings 1 — 7 September 2022 - Boost InGame Job

👉 Programming

Technical Director (Values Value) Remote

Unity Dev Middle + (Coloring, Puzzle) (Playcus) Kyiv

Lead UE4 Engineer (Kevuru Games) Remote

UI Programmer (Games Factory Talents) Helsinki

Unity Developer (Vira Games) Remote

Senior Unity Developer (Gameforge) Karlsruhe

BACKEND DEVELOPER (devtodev) Remote

Lead Game Programmer (Crytek) Frankfurt am Main

Senior Game Developer, Tech Lead (Rovio) Stockholm

👉 Art

Senior Technical Artist (Values Value) Remote

Art Lead (tinyBuild) Remote

3D Generalist (Vira Games) Remote

2D Artist (Hypercell Games) Remote

Middle+ UI/UX Designer (Kevuru Games) Kyiv

2D/3D Generalist (Hyper Cats) Remote

Senior 3D Vegetation Artist (Sperasoft) Krakow,Warsaw

Senior UI/UX Designer – Blitz (Voodoo) Paris

👉 Game Design

Game Designer (UE4) (tinyBuild) Remote

Narrative Designer (AB Games) Remote

Game Designer (Kevuru Games) Kyiv

Senior Level Designer (match-3) (VOKI Games) Remote

AI Designer (Kyiv/Malta) (4A Games) Kyiv

(Junior) Browser-based Game Designer (Gameforge AG) Karlsruhe

Lead Level Designer (ZeniMax) Lyon

Level Design Craft Director (Rovio) Helsinki

👉 QA / Testing

Lead Game Tester (Thundermark) Lviv

Lead QA Engineer (Belka Games) Remote

Senior QA (FARAWAY) Remote

QA Test Lead Mobile (Amber Studio) Bucharest

Danish Games Tester (Gear Inc) Manchester

Temporary Videogame Tester – Dutch (Electronic Arts) Amsterdam

QA Tester (People Can Fly) Warszawa

👉 Management / C-Level

Project Manager (tinyBuild) Remote

Middle/Senior Project Manager (Kevuru Games) Kyiv

Product Director (Values Value) Remote

Project Manager (Game Dev | Office work) (Pushka Studios) Dnipro

Producer (ZeniMax) Lyon

Producer – Art Focus (Deca Games) Remote

Producer – Star Wars (Zynga) London

👉 Marketing / UA / PR

Head of User Acquisition (APPSULOVE) Remote

Monetization Director (Gameloft) Budapest

User Acquisition Manager (HolyWater) Remote

Games Acquisition Manager (Curve Games) London

Digital Product Manager (Dreams Quest) Remote

Working Student – Process Management Payment (Gameforge) Karlsruhe

Mobile User Acquisition Manager (Murka Games) Remote

👉 Analytics

Team Lead: Market Research & Analysis (Room 8 Studio) Remote

Games Data Analyst (Stratosphere Games) Berlin

Senior Data Scientist (KING) Barcelona

Data Engineer (Growth) (Ten Square Games) Wrocław

Data Scientist (Fyber GmbH) Warszawa

Data Scientist (Sony Interactive) London

Game Data Analyst (Crytek) Frankfurt am Main

👉 Community Management and Customer Support

ACCOUNT MANAGER  (devtodev) Vilnius

Community Manager (Apella Games) Limassol

Customer Support Representative (Gameforge AG) Karlsruhe

Community Manager (Vile Monarch) Warszawa

Community Manager with German/English/French) (gamigo) Berlin

PR & Community Manager (People Can Fly) Warszawa

Unsolicited Application – QA / Customer Support (Crytek) Frankfurt am Main

👉 HR and Recruitment

Talent Sourcer (Values Value) Remote

HR Generalist / People Partner (Ubisoft) Kyiv

Human Resources Specialist/Manager (Metaverse Game Studios) Remote

Senior HR Manager (Tencent) Paris

Senior HR Manager (2K) Valencia

Senior Technical Recruiter (Zynga) Toronto

HR Advisor / HR Generalist (KING) London

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