Top Job openings 11 January — 18 January 2023

What’s up game developers, designers and industry pros! Are you on the hunt for your next big career opportunity? InGame Job and Values Value have got you covered with their weekly top job list. From big name studios to indie upstarts, this list has something for everyone. Check out 👇

Top Job openings 11 January — 18 January 2023 - Boost InGame Job

👉 Programming

Lead Programmer (Values Value) Remote

Senior Java Developer (Client-side) (General Arcade) Remote

Lead UE developer (Remote/Office) (Fractured Byte) Remote

Programmer (C++ / UE4) (Games Factory Talents) Aalborg

Senior Engineer (IllFonic) Remote

Unity and Backend Developer (Table Knight Games) Remote

Unreal Engine Tools Programmer (N-iX) Remote

Game developer C#/Unity3D (Forever Entertainment) Gdynia

Gameplay Programmer (UE5) (Virtual Alchemy) Warszawa

👉 Art

2D Photobash Artist (hidden object) (Crooto Software) Remote

VFX Artist (Action RPG; UE4) (tinyBuild) Belgrade, Riga

Lead 2d Environment Artist (Values Value) Remote

2D Puzzle Grind Artist (G5 Entertainment AB) Remote

3D ТЕКСТУРНИК (middle, junior) (VSquad Studio) Dnipro

3D Character Animator/Rigger (Home Games) Kyiv

Animator (Games Factory Talents) Aalborg

👉 Game Design

Lead Level Designer (Eschatology Entertainment) Remote

Senior/Lead Game Designer (UE4; Action RPG) (tinyBuild) Belgrade,Riga

System Game Designer (Values Value) Remote

Lead Game Creative Designer (G5 Entertainment) Kyiv, Warsaw, Yerevan

Senior Game Designer (Clockmaker) (Belka Games) Remote

Lead Level Designer (Glera Games) Remote

Senior Game Designer (Kindda) Remote

Quest Designer (Decartel) Remote

👉 QA / Testing

Junior QA Engineer (Crooto Software) Remote

QA Engineer (Belka Games) Remote

Automation QA Engineer (Frag Lab) Kyiv

Senior QA Analyst (Sumo Group ) Leamington Spa

Senior QA Tester (ZeniMax Europe) Uppsala

Senior Software Engineer, Riot Direct Automation (Riot Games) Dublin

👉 Management / C-Level

Product Manager (Hypercell Games) Remote

Product Manager (Values Value) Remote

Project Manager of Marketing BI system (G5 Entertainment) Remote

Game Producer (FLIME by Gismart) Relocate Portugal, Remote

Associate Producer (Ubisoft) Remote, Kyiv

Game Producer (TwinWinGames) Remote Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Ukraine

Program Manager (Program-Ace) Relocate Cyprus, Ukraine, Remote

Monetization Manager (HolyWater) Remote

👉 Marketing / UA / PR

User Acquisition Manager (Hypercell Games) Remote

Creative Writer (Program-Ace) Remote

Creative marketing manager (MysteryTag )Remote Germany, Poland, Romania

Social Media Coordinator (Dreams Quest) Remote

AD Monetization Manager (InnoGames) Hamburg

Digital Strategy Intern (Take-Two Interactive) London

Game System & Monetization Designer (BoomBit) Gdańsk

👉 Analytics

Data Analyst (Hypercell Games) Remote

Senior Game Analyst (SEGA Europe) Paris

Data Analyst (Fyber) Berlin

Data Engineer (Sumo Group) Leamington Spa

Data Scientist (Fyber) Warszawa

Game Data Analyst (Voodoo) Paris

Game Security Analyst (2K) Brno

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