Top Job openings 15 December — 4 January 2023

Hey! If you’re looking for a job in the games industry, you’ve gotta check out our weekly top jobs. InGame Job and Values Value have put together a list of the most exciting openings, all in one place 👇

Top Job openings 15 December — 4 January 2023 - Boost InGame Job

👉 Programming

Lead Developer (Unreal Engine 4) (tinyBuild) Remote, Relocate Latvia

Animation programmer (Eschatology Entertainment) Remote

Technical Director (Values Value) Remote

Unity Game Developer (Milan) (Gear Inc) Milan

Team Lead Unity (UDC digital) Remote

Senior C++ Game Animation Programmer (N-iX) Kyiv,Lviv,Warszawa

Senior Unity/Unreal Developer (Avatarel) Warszawa

C# Developer (Plarium) Kyiv

Game Developer (Gameforge) Karlsruhe

👉 Art

VFX artist (tinyBuild) Lviv, Remote

2D Principal Puzzle Grind Artist (G5 Entertainment) Remote, Relocate Bulgaria, Georgia, Poland

Lead Concept Artist (Values Value) Belgrade, Riga

Junior 2D Animator (Unity) (Crooto Software) Remote

VFX Artist (Values Value) Remote

UI Designer (Games) (PlayMe Studio) Kyiv

Senior Environment Artist (CM Games) Tallinn

CG Generalist (Helio Games) Limassol

Illustrator / Concept Artist (DevsData) Warszawa

👉 Game Design

Senior Game Designer (Values Value) Remote

Principal of Drama (G5 Entertainment) Sofia

Level Designer (Eschatology Entertainment) Remote

Game Designer (игровая логика) (Crooto Software) Remote

Team Lead Game Design (Gameforge) Karlsruhe

Senior UX Designer (Game Design) (Ubisoft) Kyiv

Middle/Senior Game Designer (N-iX) Remote

Game Designer (Vira Games) Remote

👉 QA / Testing

Lead QA (Plazma Studio) Remote

Game Tester (DiJust) Kyiv

Software Test Engineer (Keywords Studios) Kraków

Associate Quality Designer (Nightshift) (Electronic Arts) Bucharest

Software Development Engineer in Test (Build A Rocket Boy) Edinburgh

(Junior) QA Specialist (f/m/d) (PLAION) Hamburg

👉 Management / C-Level=

GAME PRODUCER (G5 Entertainment) Remote

Product Manager (Hypercell Games) Remote

Product Manager (PlayMe Studio) Kyiv

Senior Project manager (Whimsy Games) Remote

Product Manager (Gameforge) Karlsruhe

Middle Project Manager Games (Moonmana) Remote

Project Manager (GAMEPACK) Remote

Junior Project Manager (GSC Game World) Prague

Producer (Virtual Alchemy) Warsaw

👉 Marketing / UA / PR

Head of User Acquisition (G5 Entertainment) remote

Head of Marketing (Program-Ace) Remote

PPC Marketer Medior (Tinysoft) Brno

SMM & Content Manager (Edvice) Remote

Маркетолог (RocketBrush Studio) Remote

Product Marketing Manager (APPSULOVE) Remote

Community Manager (Stratosphere Games) Berlin

PPC Marketer Medior (Tinysoft) Brno

(Senior) Global CRM Manager (m/f/d) (PLAION) Hamburg

👉 Analytics

Product Analyst (Highcore) Remote

Game Analyst (QS Games) Remote

Product Analyst (Smart Project) Dnipro

Senior Data Scientist (Fyber) Warszawa

Senior Payment Operations Analyst ( (Sony Interactive) London

Data Analyst (m/f/d) (PLAION) Munich

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