Top Job openings 3 November — 9 November 2022

50 current games industry job ads in a selection from InGame Job and Values Value. 2D UI Artist, Quest Designer, Brand Partnerships Manager and many more interesting roles are waiting for you 👇

Top Job openings 3 November — 9 November 2022 - Boost InGame Job

👉 Programming

Team Lead Unreal Engine 4 Developer (tinyBuild) Remote

Lead Programmer (Values Value) Remote

Unity Tech Lead (Green Panda Games) Remote

Senior Game Developer (Figurama Collectors) Remote

Lead Programmer (The Farm 51 Group) Gliwice

Senior Backend Engineer (Stratosphere Games) Berlin

Senior Unreal Engine Developer (Fuero Games) Warsaw

Working Student/Intern Development (Gameforge) Karlsruhe

👉 Art

Lead Concept Artist (tinyBuild) Remote

Motion designer (Hypercell Games) Riga

2D UI Artist (G5 Entertainment) Remote

Lead Concept Artist (Values Value) Belgrade,Riga

Technical Artist (Unity) (Pingle Studio) Remote

Lead 2D Artist (Casual Games) (AAA Game Art Studio) Remote

Hard Surface 3D Artist (SharpArrows) Remote

Middle 2D Spine Animator (GAMEPACK) Remote

👉 Game Design

Lead Game Designer (UE; action RPG) (tinyBuild) Belgrade

Game Designer (Hypercell Games) Remote

Game Designer Middle+ (UGI studio) Remote

Senior Game Designer (Match3) (Games Factory Talents) Copenhagen

Lead AI Designer (Gunzilla Games) Kyiv,Frankfurt am Main

Technical Designer (4A Games) Kyiv, Malta

Level Designer (Metaverse Game Studios) Remote

Quest Designer (Frogwares) Kyiv

Game narrative designer (Figurama Collectors) Remote

👉 QA / Testing

Team Lead QA (Helio Games) Limassol

Manual QA Engineer (Plure) Remote

Community Manager (Stratosphere Games) Berlin

QA Engineer (DogHowl Games) Remote

Middle/Senior QA Engineer (Glera Games) Tbilisi

👉 Management / C-Level

CEO (Values Value) Remote

Project Manager (tinyBuild) Remote

Senior Game Producer (Pingle Studio) Remote

Product Owner (Plazma Studio) Remote

Senior Producer (Stratosphere Games) Berlin

Live Producer* (Gameforge) Karlsruhe

👉 Marketing / UA / PR

Middle Marketing Creative Producer (HolyWater) Remote

Digital marketing manager (Payler) London

PR manager (OMG Games) Kyiv, Remote

SMM & Content Manager (edvice) Remote

Brand Partnerships Manager (Niantic) London

Creative Communication Specialist (GOG.com) Warszawa

Gaming Influencer Marketing Manager (COM2US) Berlin

👉 Analytics

Senior Data Analyst (Vivid Games) Remote, Bydgoszcz.

Medior/Senior Data Engineer (SuperScale) Bratislava

Product Analyst (Highcore) Remote

Product Analyst (Smart Project) Remote

(Senior) Data Engineer (d/f/m) (gamigo AG) Hamburg

Data Analyst, Growth & Insights (2K) London

Game Data Analyst (Crytek) Frankfurt am Main

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