Top Job openings 7 July — 13 July 2022


This week we’ve rounded up 52 of the most notable jobs in the video game industry.  Choose a worthwhile project for yourself and take your career to the next level 👇

Top Job openings 7 July — 13 July 2022 - Boost InGame Job

👉 Programming

C++ Backend Developer (Values Value) Remote

Gameplay Programmer (Ubisoft) Remote

Head of Porting (Kevuru Games) Remote

Middle Unreal Developer (Program-Ace) Remote

Python Developer (APPSULOVE) Remote

Unity Developer (Vira Games) Remote

C++ Game Developer (Unreal Engine) (Playwing) Remote

👉 Art

2D Artist (Holmgard Games) Remote

Senior VFX Artist (Gameloft) Budapest

Lead 2d Animator (RubyPlay) Remote

UI/UX Designer (Hypercell Games) Remote

UX Lead (Values Value) Remote

3D Environment Artist (realism) (Kevuru Games) Kyiv

Senior 3D Character Artist (MADFINGER Games) Brno

UX/UI Designer (Stratosphere Games GmbH) Berlin

👉 Game Design

Senior Game Designer (tinyBuild) Riga

Game Designer (Vira Games) Remote

Game Designer (Values Value) Remote

Senior UX Designer (Game Design) (Ubisoft) Kyiv

Level Designer (UE4) (Fractured Byte) Remote

Senior Game Designer (3C) (Techland) Wrocław

Senior Designer – Remote/Hybrid (Sumo Group plc) Bristol

Senior Level Designer (Crytek GmbH) Frankfurt am Main

👉 QA / Testing

Lead QA (Plure) Remote

QA Tester (Klabater SA) Warsaw

QA Engineer (Ubisoft) Kyiv

Senior Game Tester (Vivid Games S.A.) Bydgoszcz,Warsaw

Mobile QA Project Lead (Sony Interactive) Liverpool

Senior Compliance Tester (Sumo Group plc) Leamington Spa

Test Automation Programmer (People Can Fly) Warszawa

👉 Management / C-Level

Senior Game Producer (Kevuru Games) Remote

Associate Games Producer (tinyBuild) Belgrade

Business Analyst/Product Owner (RubyPlay) Remote

Associate Producer (Room 8 Studio) Remote

GAME PRODUCER (G5 Entertainment AB) Remote

Publishing Game Producer (Kalypso Media Group GmbH) Munich

Producer (Design) (CD PROJEKT RED) Warszawa

Scrum Master (Aristocrat) Gdansk

👉 Marketing / UA / PR

Monetization Director (Gameloft) Budapest

Head of User Acquisition (APPSULOVE) Remote

Head of PR & Marketing (Redpad Games) Remote

User Acquisition Manager (Apperito) Prague

Senior CRM manager (KING) Barcelona

Senior Marketing Manager  (2K) London

Senior Online Designer (Techland) Wrocław

👉 Analytics

Analytics Team Lead (Values Value) Vilnius

System (Business) Analyst (Murka Games)  Remote

BI Developer (Vivid Games S.A.) Warsaw

Senior Data Analyst – Racing (Zynga) Birmingham

Senior Data Engineer (Crytek GmbH) Frankfurt am Main

Data Engineer (Vivid Games S.A.) Bydgoszcz,Warsaw

Data Engineer (Sony Interactive) Berlin

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