Top Job openings 5 May — 11 May 2022

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Top Job openings 5 May — 11 May 2022 - Boost InGame Job

👉 Programming

Senior Front-End Developer (Ubisoft Ukraine) Kyiv

Unity/C# Developer (Program-Ace) Limassol

UE4 AI developer (tinyBuild) Remote

Unity Developer (Values Value) Remote

3D Programmer (Egosoft) Würselen

C++ Software Engineer (Rosetta Gaming) Relocate, Krakow

Lead Full Stack Engineer (BoomBit S.A.) Gdansk, Remote

Game Developer (C++) (Grip Digital) Prague,Brno

👉 Art

UI/UX Designer (Values Value) Remote

Senior 3d Animator (Holmgard Games) Remote

Unity Engine Technical Artist (Program-Ace) Kharkiv

VFX Artist (Egosoft) Remote

2D Artist (Freelance/Remote) (BetterMe) Remote, Kyiv

3d Animator (Bridgeverse) Irvine

2D Art Director for Gamedev (Latin America) (Devoted Studios) Remote

Marketing Art Director (BoomBit S.A.) Gdansk, Remote

👉 Game Design

Game Designer (Values Value) Remote

Senior Game Designer (Plure) Kyiv

Universe / Level Designer (Egosoft) Würselen

Junior Narrative Designer (BetterMe) Kyiv, Remote

Lead Game Designer (Green Panda Games) Paris

Lead Game Designer (f/m/d) (HandyGames) Giebelstadt

Level Designer (MythicOwl Sp.z o.o.) Warsaw

👉 QA / Testing

Lead Development Tester (Mobile) (Ubisoft Ukraine) Remote

QA Lead (Deadside) (tinyBuild) Remote

Lead QA (Plazma Studio) Remote

Lead QA Engineer (Green Panda Games) Remote

Senior Mobile Games Tester (m/f/d) (gamigo AG) Berlin

Senior Performance Quality Engineer (Wazdan) Kraków

QA Specialist (Flying Wild Hog) Warszawa

👉 Management / C-Level

Product Manager (APPSULOVE) Kyiv

Associate Producer (Ubisoft Ukraine) Kyiv

Scrum master (Green Panda Games) Kyiv

Product Manager (Apperito) Prague

Project Manager (Stratosphere Games GmbH) Berlin

Senior Producer (f/m/d) (Black Forest Games GmbH) Offenburg

Senior Project Manager (Room 8 Studio) Remote

👉 Marketing / UA / PR

UA Lead (Values Value) Remote

Head of UA (FLIME by Gismart) (Gismart) Remote

User Acquisition Manager (Apperito) Prague

Head of Performance Marketing (m/f/d) (gamigo AG) Berlin

Head of Monetization (Reality Games) Kraków

Marketing Data Analyst (InnoGames GmbH) Hamburg

Partner Marketing Manager (Epic Games) Guildford

👉 Analytics

Senior Analyst (Plure) Kyiv

Data Analyst (Hypercell Games) Remote

QA Data Analyst (Vizor Games) Remote

Head of Game Analytics (Koch Media GmbH) Munich

Data Analyst (m/w/d) (Koch Media GmbH) Hofen

Game Mathematican (Wazdan) Sliema

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