Top Job openings August 17 — August 23 2023

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Top Job openings August 17 — August 23 2023 - Boost InGame Job

👉 Programming

Senior Unity Developer (Values Value)  Remote

Senior Unity Developer (Belka Games) Remote, Cyprus, Georgia, Lithuania

Lead C++ Programmer (Ubisoft Ukraine) Kyiv

Java Developer (Playtika) Kyiv,Dnipro,Vinnitsa

UE AI Developer (Obelisk Studio) Limassol

Porting Technical Director (Kevuru Games) Remote

Blockchain Developer (Metasphere Galaxy Studio) Remote

Full-stack Tools Developer (Kotlin) (Scorewarrior) Limassol

👉 Art

Senior 2D Artist (Belka Games) Remote, Cyprus, Lithuania, Ukraine

Motion designer (Hypercell Games) Remote

Senior Environment Artist – WoT PC (Wargaming) Prague

Art Director (Obelisk Studio) Limassol

Senior Level Artist (VG Entertainment) Kyiv

Senior Video Editor (BoomBit S.A.) Remote

Outsourse art manager (4A Games) Kyiv

Technical Animator UE5 (Pingle Studio) Remote

3D Environment/Tech artist (Walla Walla Studio)  Remote, Ukraine

👉 Game Design

Location Level Designer (Belka Games)  Remote, Lithuania, Ukraine

Lead Game Designer (Obelisk Studio) Limassol

Senior Game Designer (Virtual Alchemy) Warsaw

Game Producer Match3 (Awem Games) Remote

Senior/Strong middle Game designer (Whimsy Games)  Remote, Ukraine

Game Designer (Frogwares) Remote, Estonia, Moldova, Poland, Ukraine

Middle Level Designer (APPSULOVE)  Remote

👉 QA / Testing

Lead QA Engineer (Belka Games)  Remote, Cyprus, Georgia, Lithuania, Montenegro

QA Engineer (Wargaming) Vilnius

QA Engineer (Neskin Games) Remote, Georgia, Poland

QA Engineer (Vira Games)  Remote

QA Engineer (Zibra AI Inc.) Kyiv

👉 Management / C-Level

Game Producer (Values Value) Remote

Match-3 Producer (Clockmaker) (Belka Games) Remote

Product Manager (Hypercell Games) Remote

Project Manager (Obelisk Studio) Limassol

Product manager (Loris Tales) Remote

Project Manager (CRITICAL REFLEX) Remote

Product Owner (Live Games) (Vira Games) Remote

👉 Marketing / UA / PR

ASO Manager (Crooto Software Ltd.)  Remote

Middle/Senior User Acquisition Manager (Scorewarrior) Limassol

User Acquisition Manager (QS Games)  Remote

ASO manager (UDC digital)  Remote, Ukraine

Team Lead Media buyer РРС (Improve Team) Kyiv

Senior Affiliate Manager (AdStart Media) Amsterdam, Sofia

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