Top Job openings 11 April — 17 April 2024

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Top Job openings 11 April — 17 April 2024 - Boost InGame Job

👉 Programming

Principal UE Developer (Values Value) Remote

Python and Gameplay Programmer (Wargaming) Belgrade

Lead Network Gameplay Engineer (Strikerz Inc.) Remote, Relocate Cyprus, Georgia, Ukraine

Lead Lua Programmer (Speedway Games) Remote

Full Stack Team Lead (Bitmedia Labs) Remote

Unity Tech Lead (Program-Ace) Remote

Senior Unity Developer (N-iX Game & VR Studio) Remote, Ukraine

👉 Art

3D Generalist (Marketing)/ Animator (Values Value) Remote

Senior Level / Environment Artist (Eschatology Entertainment) Remote

3D Artist (Texture) (VSQUAD studio) Dnipro

2D Material artist (Frogwares) Kyiv,Dnipro,Kharkiv,Lviv,Odessa

Motion Designer (ZIMAD) Remote

Lead Environment 3D Artist (VG Entertainment)  Remote, Ukraine

3D Animator (Ingame marketing) (Strikerz Inc.) Remote, Cyprus, Georgia, Ukraine

👉 Game Design

Middle Game Designer Generalist (QS Games)  Remote, Ukraine

Narrative Designer (Frogwares) Kyiv

Lead Narrative Designer (AB Games) Remote

Lead Technical Game Designer (G-Space Studio) Remote

Senior Level Designer (Dreams Quest) Remote 

Senior Game Designer (Program-Ace) Remote

👉 QA / Testing

Middle QA Engineer (ZIMAD) Remote

QA Lead (Regression) (Strikerz Inc.)  Cyprus, Georgia, Ukraine

Senior QA Automation Engineer (Smart Project)  Remote

Lead Quality Assurance Engineer (Fyber GmbH) Warszawa

Senior QA Engineer, Fall Guys (R24591) (Epic Games) London

Game Tester (GIANTS Software GmbH) Brno

👉 Management / C-Level

Content Delivery Manager (WoWS) (Wargaming) Belgrade

Head of Product (Onboarding) (CSGORoll) Remote

Art Project Manager (AAA Game Art Studio)  Remote

Game Producer (Gambling) (PRO gaming software) Remote, Estonia, Spain, Poland

Executive Product Manager (Joyteractive)  Remote

Project manager (Realix) Limassol

👉 Marketing / UA / PR

CMO (Values Value)  Remote

Head of Marketing (Joyteractive) Remote

Lead User Acquisition (Glera Games) Remote

Creative Writer (Strikerz Inc.) Tbilisi

UA Manager (Plummy Games) Chisinau

CMO (Magify) Limassol

SMM Manager (Hitapps) Poland

👉 Analytics

Strategic Marketing Leader (Program-Ace) Remote

Marketing Analyst (MOJAM) Remote

Senior Product Analyst (Scorewarrior) Limassol

Product Game Analyst (ZephyrMobile) Warsaw

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