Top Job openings 13 October — 19 October 2022

It’s time to level up your career! InGame Job and Values Value have compiled 53 current games industry job ads 👇

Top Job openings 13 October — 19 October 2022 - Boost InGame Job

👉 Programming

Team Lead Unreal Engine 4 Developer (tinyBuild) Relocate Latvia, Remote

Back-End Developer (G5 Entertainment) Relocate Bulgaria, Georgia, Remote

Full Stack Build Engineer (N-iX) Remote

Render Programmer (GSC Game World) Kyiv

Senior Unity Developer (Values Value) Remote

Senior Unity Programmer, Gameplay (Games Factory Talents) Copenhagen

Unity Team Lead (Kevuru Games) Remote

Lead Unreal Engine Developer (Red Chameleon Game Studios) Istanbul

Senior Backend Developer (Assetario) Bratislava

👉 Art

Art Team Lead (3D) (tinyBuild) Belgrade

Technical Artist (Unity) (Pingle Studio) Remote

2D UI Artist (G5 Entertainment) Armenia, Bulgaria

Senior Technical Artist (Values Value) Remote

Technical Artist (Redhill Games) Helsinki,Nicosia

Senior Technical Artist (Neo Cybernetica) Remote

Mocap Animator (Sperasoft) Krakow, Warsaw

Graphic Designer (Tinysoft) Brno

👉 Game Design

Lead Game Creative Designer (G5 Entertainment) Kyiv, Warsaw, Yerevan

Level designer (Hypercell Games) Riga, Remote

Game Designer (Values Value) Remote

UI Lead (UPPeople) Remote

Level Designer (Crooto Software) Limassol, Remote

Game designer (Beatshapers) Remote

Game Designer Slot Mathematician (Murka Games) Remote

👉 QA / Testing

QA Manual Engineer (QS Games) Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk

Automation QA Engineer (Frag Lab) Kyiv

QA Engineer (Vira Games) Remote

Senior QA (FARAWAY) Remote

QA Lead Live (2K) Madrid

QA Specialist – Candy Crush Saga (KING) Barcelona

QA Tester (f/m/d) (Kolibri Games) Berlin

Quality Assurance Manager with Automation (Amber Studio) Bucharest

👉 Management / C-Level

Program Manager (Program-Ace) Remote

Marketing Creative Team Lead (Plure) Remote

Project manager (game dev/ slots) (TwinWinGames) Kyiv

Game Producer (QS Games) Kyiv,Ivano-Frankivsk

Project Manager (OMG Games) Remote

Creative Producer (bully! entertainment) Baltimore

IT Delivery Manager (SYNOT Games) Bratislava

👉 Marketing / UA / PR

Influence Marketing Manager (PlayMe Studio) Kyiv

Head of PR & Marketing (Redpad Games) Remote

Digital Marketing Lead (Zibra AI) Remote

Product Manager (Curve Games) Remote

Marketing manager (edvice) Remote

PPC Marketer Specialist (Tinysoft) Brno

Specjalista ds.Marketingu (Sylen Studio) Krakow

👉 Analytics

Data Analyst (Hypercell Games) Remote

HR Data Analyst (G5 Entertainment) Remote

Medior/Senior Data Engineer (SuperScale) Bratislava

Tableau Data Analyst (SOFTGAMES) Remote

Product Analyst (Murka Games) Remote

Senior Data Scientist – Racing (Zynga) Birmingham

Data Analyst, Growth & Insights (2K) London

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