Top Job openings 18 January — 24 January 2024

Psst… Interested in some current job opportunities in the games industry? Yes? Great! InGame Job and Values Value have meticulously researched various sources to compile the best job listings in one convenient collection. Take a look 👇

Top Job openings 18 January — 24 January 2024 - Boost InGame Job

👉 Programming

Lead Unity Developer (Values Value) Remote

Junior Technical Designer (Elephant Games) Remote

Rendering Programmer (Ubisoft) Kyiv

Lead JavaScript Developer (Onlyplay) Remote

Senior Unity Developer (APPSULOVE) Remote

Gameplay programmer (FARCANA) Remote

👉 Art

2D Artist (QS Games) Remote

UX/UI Designer (AXLEBOLT) Remote

Middle 2D Animator (Unity) (Belka Games) Remote

Marketing Art Lead (FARCANA) Remote

VFX ARTIST (4A Games) Kyiv,Malta

2D Animator (Plarium) Kyiv

Animator (Nordcurrent) Dnipro

Junior 2D Artist (Creatives) (MysteryTag) Kyiv

👉 Game Design

Narrative Game Designer (Elephant Games) Remote

Game Designer Generalist (QS Games) Remote

Game Designer (Values Value) Remote

Lead Meta Game Designer (Strikerz Inc.) Tbilisi

Senior technical designer (Boolat Play) Remote

AI Designer (Kyiv/Malta) (4A Games) Kyiv

Narrative Designer (AB Games) Remote

👉 QA / Testing

QA Engineer (Belka Games) Remote

Lead/Senior QA Engineer (Neskin Stars) Batumi


QA Manager (GIANTS Software GmbH) Brno

Temporary Videogame Tester – Polish (Electronic Arts GmbH) Madrid

Worldbuilding QA Specialist [Black Budget] (Pubg EMEA) Amsterdam

👉 Management / C-Level

Producer (Values Value) Remote

Senior Marketing Producer (Belka Games) Remote

Junior GameDev Project Manager (Elephant Games) Remote

Game producer (iGaming) (Onlyplay) Remote

Project Manager (Glera Games) Remote

Producer (RnD) (Vira Games) Remote

👉 Marketing / UA / PR

CMO (Values Value) Remote

Marketing Analyst (QS Games) Remote

PR Manager (DevGAMM) Remote

Senior PR Manadger (Bear games) Remote

Middle/Senior User Acquisition Manager (Scorewarrior) Limassol

Creative Producer (Hitapps) Remote

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