Top Job openings 19 October — 25 October 2023

The gamedev industry is indeed going through a spooky season.🎃 But what other opportunities are still available for gamedev professionals? Check out our weekly job listings, where InGame Job and Values Value have gathered the most current job openings for this week 💼🎮

Top Job openings 19 October — 25 October 2023 - Boost InGame Job

👉 Programming

Playable Ads Developer (Hypercell Games) Remote

Senior 3D Graphics Engineer (Ubisoft) Kyiv

Senior UI Software Developer (Wargaming) Nicosia

Lead Backend Developer (Skadi Reveries) Remote, Cyprus, Lithuania, Poland

Senior Mobile Game Developer (Unity) (SuperScale) Remote

Middle Unreal Developer (Consoles) (Program-Ace) Remote

TypeScript/Node.js Developer (BoomBit S.A.) Remote

👉 Art

Senior Character Artist (Frogwares) Kyiv, Vinnitsa, Lviv, Poltava

Texture Artist (L3D Studio) Remote

Senior UI Designer (Belka Games) Remote, Relocate Cyprus, Lithuania, Ukraine

Art Lead (Hypercell Games)  Remote

3D Artist (Material/Texture) (VSQUAD studio) Dnipro

Lead 3D Animator (tinyBuild) , Remote

3D Animator (Facial) (GSC Game World) Prague

👉 Game Design

Lead Level Designer (Eschatology Entertainment) Remote

Middle Level Designer (Frogwares) Remote, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine

UI/UX (UE) Technical Designer (Pingle Studio) Remote

Game Designer (LiveOps) (Smart Project) Dnipro,Prague

Lead Game Designer (Games Factory Talents) Remote

👉 QA / Testing

Middle Mobile QA Engineer (APPSULOVE) Remote

QA LEAD (NEW IP) (4A Games) Kyiv

Unity Tester (Dreams Quest) Remote

QA (Nordcurrent Dnipro) Dnipro

Automation QA Manager (Glera Games) Remote

Lead QA Tester (2K) Madrid

Tech QA Specialist [Black Budget] (Pubg EMEA) Amsterdam

👉 Management / C-Level

Senior Marketing Producer (Belka Games) Remote, Relocate Cyprus, Georgia, Ukraine

Game Producer (Ubisoft) Remote, Ukraine

Product Manager (Values Value) Remote

GAME PRODUCER (G5 Entertainment AB) Remote, Relocate Bulgaria, Montenegro

Head of Gaming Platform Product (NFTG Gaxos) Remote

Game Producer (Combat) (Frogwares) Remote, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine

👉 Marketing / UA / PR

Google Ads Lead (Values Value) Remote

Chief Marketing Officer (Smart Project) Dnipro,Prague

Senior User Acquisition Manager (APPSULOVE) Remote

Senior User Acquisition Manager (SciPlay) Remote, Ukraine

Senior User Acquisition Manager (FARCANA)  Remote

Content Manager (Zibra AI Inc.) Kyiv

User Acquisition Manager (VIZOR APPS LIMITED) Remote, Cyprus, Lithuania

👉 Analytics

Product Analyst (Hypercell Games) Remote, Latvia

Senior Marketing Analyst (Belka Games)  Remote, Relocate Cyprus, Georgia, Lithuania

Senior Data Analyst (APPSULOVE)  Remote

Marketing Game Analyst (NFTG Gaxos)  Remote

Game Mathematician (Ejaw)  Remote

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