Top Job openings 2 November — 15 November 2023

What types of professionals are games industry companies seeking this week? Explore a curated list of current job opportunities compiled by InGame Job and Values Value! Your ideal position could be awaiting discovery there 👇

Top Job openings 2 November — 15 November 2023 - Boost InGame Job

👉 Programming

Senior Unity Developer (Values Value) Remote

Unreal Engine Developer (porting) (tinyBuild) Belgrade

Senior Backend Developer (Plummy Games) Chisinau, Remote

Build engineer (4A Games) Kyiv

Lua Gameplay Programmer/Game Developer (Speedway Games) Remote

Senior Unity Developer (Lucid Reality Labs) Remote

C++/UE5 MID Developer (Byte Barrel) Gdansk

👉 Art

Senior VFX Artist (Values Value) Remote

Creative 2D Artist (Belka Games) Remote, Relocate Cyprus, Georgia, Lithuania

Senior 3D Character Artist (tinyBuild) Remote

Marketing Designer (Elephant Games) Remote

Middle 3D Character Artist (Stylized) (Volmi – A Virtuos Studio) Kyiv

Senior Character Animator (VG Entertainment) Kyiv

Senior 2D Artist (Junkineering) Cyprus, Remote

3D Сharacter Artist (Vizor Apps Limited)  Remote, Georgia, Poland

👉 Game Design

Middle / Senior Game Designer (tinyBuild) Belgrade,Riga

Senior Game Designer (3C) (Eschatology Entertainment) Remote

Senior Level Designer (AXLEBOLT) Remote

Senior Game Designer (Scorewarrior) Limassol, Remote

Game Designer (Virtual Alchemy) Warsaw

Game Designer (Balance) (Plummy Games) Moldova, Remote

Game Designer Balance & Features (Heatherglade Ltd) Remote

👉 QA / Testing

Middle QA Engineer (Eschatology Entertainment) Remote

QA Engineer (Wargaming) Vilnius

Mobile QA Engineer (Hitapps) Warsaw

Middle QA Engineer (CharStudio) Lviv

Middle Mobile QA Engineer (APPSULOVE) Remote

Junior Manual QA Engineer (MysteryTag) Kyiv

👉 Management / C-Level

Producer (Values Value) Remote

Head of Creatives (Belka Games) Remote, Relocate Cyprus, Georgia, Ukraine

GAME PRODUCER (G5 Entertainment AB) Relocate, Remote, Armenia, Bulgaria

Project Manager (AB Games)  Remote

Project Manager (GSC Game World) Prague

Project Manager (Vira Games)  Remote, Ukraine

Project Manager (GSC Game World) Prague

Project Manager (Lucid Reality Labs)  Remote, Poland

👉 Marketing / UA / PR

Business Assistant в Values Value & InGame Job (Values Value) Remote

Employer Brand Manager (QS Games) Remote

Lead Generation Manager (Program-Ace) Remote

Senior PR Manadger (Bear games) Remote

User Acquisition manager (24Play) Kyiv

SMM Games (UDC digital) Remote

Social Media Manager (SMM) (Program-Ace) Remote

Creative Producer (Glera Games) Remote

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