Top Job openings 21 December — 3 January 2024

Ring in the New Year with a new position! Check out the curated list of jobs compiled by the teams at InGameJob and Values Value. Discover who the games industry companies are looking for 👇

Top Job openings 21 December — 3 January 2024 - Boost InGame Job

👉 Programming

Senior C++ Developer (Home Games) Kyiv

JavaScript Game Developer (QUMARON) Remote

AI Programmer (4A Games) Kyiv/Malta

Unity Developer (Hitapps) Remote

Backend Developer nodejs (UDC digital) Remote

Unity Senior VR Game Developer (Avatarel sp. z o.o.) Warsaw

Unity Gameplay Programmer – Onsite (Tactile Games) Remote

Unity Tech Lead (ROCKETECH) Remote

👉 Art

Motion designer (Hypercell Games) Remote

Junior Motion Designer (Elephant Games) Remote

Art Director (Values Value) Remote

Middle 2D Artist (QS Games) Remote

Lead UI Designer (Belka Games) Remote

Senior 3D Animator (AXLEBOLT) Remote

Illustrator (REDDEER.GAMES) Warsaw

👉 Game Design

Senior Level Designer (AXLEBOLT) Remote

Game Balance Designer (Values Value) Remote

Lead Level Designer (Belka Games) Remote

Game Economy Designer (World of Warships) (Wargaming) Remote

Senior Core Game Designer (Strikerz Inc.) Remote

Game Designer (Middle Level, in GameDev) (QUMARON) Remote

Game Designer (Middle/Senior) (Dynasties Studios) Remote

Senior Game Designer (Scorewarrior) Remote

👉 QA / Testing

QA LEAD (NEW IP) (4A Games) Kyiv

Middle Mobile QA Engineer (APPSULOVE) Remote

Manual QA Manager (SnoopGame QA) Remote

QA Engineer (Wargaming) Vilnius

Senior Console Tester (QA) (keen games) Frankfurt am Main

Senior QA Analyst (Techland) Warszawa

👉 Management / C-Level

Junior GameDev Project Manager (Elephant Games) Remote

Team Lead (Bermuda Adventures) (Belka Games) Remote

Producer (Values Value) Remote

Project Manager (GAMEPACK) Remote

Project Manager (G5 Entertainment AB) Remote

Project Manager (Nord Beaver) Remote

Art Project Manager (Glera Games) Vilnius

Producer (RnD) (Vira Games) Remote

👉 Marketing / UA / PR

Chief Marketing Officer (Values Value) Remote

Ad Monetization Manager (G5 Entertainment AB) Remote

User Acquisition Manager (ZIMAD) Remote

Senior UA Manager (Facebook) (Hitapps) Remote

Senior User Acquisition Manager (Severex) Remote

User Acquisition Manager (VIZOR APPS LIMITED) Remote

Marketing 2D Artist (Plummy Games) Remote

Marketing Manager (iGaming/Betting) (Seobrothers) Limassol

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