Top Job openings 22 February — 28 February 2024

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Top Job openings 22 February — 28 February 2024 - Boost InGame Job

👉 Programming

Lead Unity Developer (Values Value) Remote

Tech Lead JavaScript (Onlyplay)  Remote

Java Tech Lead (Playtika) Kyiv

Technical Lead (Strikerz Inc.) Remote, Cyprus, Ukraine

Middle Unreal Engine Developer (Kevuru Games) Kyiv

Senior Unity3D Game Developer (Crown Chaser)  Remote, Estonia

Playable Ads Developer (Scorewarrior) Limassol

👉 Art

UI Artist (Elephant Games) Remote

Middle Level / Environment Artist (Eschatology Entertainment) Remote

Senior 2D Artist (Roger That!) (Belka Games) Remote

2D Material artist (Frogwares) Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Lviv

Strong Junior 3D Artist (QS Games) Remote

Technical Artist (Papaya) Warsaw

2D / Marketing Artist (Trainee) (Virtual Alchemy) Warsaw

👉 Game Design

Senior Level Designer (Frogwares) Remote, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine

Senior Location Level Designer (Belka Games) Remote, Cyprus, Georgia, Lithuania,

Game Designer (Values Value)  Remote

Game Designer (Middle/Senior) (ZIMAD) Remote

Senior Technical Designer New IP (4A Games) Kyiv, Malta

Senior Level Designer (Dreams Quest) Remote

Middle Balance Designer (Kevuru Games) Kyiv

Middle Game Designer (Scorewarrior)  Relocate, Cyprus

👉 QA / Testing


middle QA Engineer (Boolat Play) Kyiv

QA Engineer (GameDev) (Whimsy Games) Remote

Manual QA Engineer (MysteryTag) Kyiv

Middle QA (Red Rift) Remote

👉 Management / C-Level

Chief Executive Officer (Values Value) Remote

Producer (Outsource) (Frogwares) Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv

Game Economy Producer (Playkot) Remote

Game Produced/Creative Lead (Program-Ace) Remote

Art Manager (Strikerz Inc.) Remote

Executive Product Manager (Joyteractive) Remote

Project Manager (Red Rift) Remote

👉 Marketing / UA / PR

UA Team Lead (Values Value) Remote

User Acquisition Manager (Hypercell Games) Remote

Senior Marketing Manager (Kevuru Games) Kyiv

Creative Producer (Hitapps) Remote

SMM manager (Personal Brand CEO’s) (FARCANA) Remote

SMM Manager (Red Rift) Remote

PR Manager (Bear games) Remote

👉 Analytics

Senior Product Analyst (Scorewarrior) Limassol

Senior Data Analyst (Seobrothers) Limassol

Game Analyst (Starkit Studio LLC) Remote

Data Analyst (HypeDrop) Remote

HR Director (Elephant Games) RemoteBe the first to know about new vacancies — subscribe to the platform channels in Telegram: https://t.me/ingamejob

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