Top Job openings 3 August — 9 August 2023


Seeking your next major career move? Discover the latest job opportunities in the games industry with our weekly top jobs selection, crafted by InGame Job and Values Value. 👇

Top Job openings 3 August — 9 August 2023 - Boost InGame Job

👉 Programming

Middle C++ Gameplay Programmer (G5 Entertainment AB) Remote, Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia

Senior UE Developer (PC & Console Game) (tinyBuild) Belgrade

Unreal Engine Developer (Values Value) Remote

Unity UI Programmer (Ubisoft Ukraine)  Remote

UI/UX Technical Designer (Unreal Engine) (Pingle Studio)  Remote

Middle .Net developer (FgFactory) Remote

C++/UE5 MID Developer (Byte Barrel) Gdansk

👉 Art

Senior 2D Artist  (Belka Games) Relocate Cyprus, Georgia, Lithuania,

Art Lead (Hypercell Games) Remote

2D Animator (HOPA) (Crooto Software Ltd.) Limassol

2D Artist (VSQUAD studio) Dnipro

Senior Technical animator (4A Games) Kyiv,Malta

Character Artist (VG Entertainment)  Remote

2D Artist HOG (AAA Game Art Studio)  Remote

Senior Technical Artist (Vivid Games S.A.) Bydgoszcz

👉 Game Design

Senior Game Designer  (Belka Games) Remote, Cyprus, Lithuania, Ukraine

Game Designer (Values Value)  Remote

Level designer (VSQUAD studio) Dnipro

Narrative Designer (G5 Entertainment AB) Remote

Technical Game Designer (Decartel) Remote

Game designer (Whimsy Games)  Remote

Game Designer (Virtual Alchemy) Warsaw

👉 QA / Testing

QA Engineer (Belka Games) Remote, Relocate Georgia, Lithuania, Montenegro

Unity Tester (Dreams Quest)  Remote

QA manual (Neon Land Game Project)  Remote

QA Engineer (Vira Games)  Remote

Production Support Specialist (BoomBit S.A.)  Remote

👉 Management / C-Level

Project Manager (Crooto Software Ltd.)  Remote

GAME PRODUCER (G5 Entertainment AB)  Remote, Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia

Project Manager (tinyBuild) Belgrade

Project Manager (GAMEPACK)  Remote, Ukraine

Game Producer (FreePlay)  Remote

Product Owner (Glera Games)  Remote

Project Manager (24Play) Kyiv

👉 Marketing / UA / PR

Junior Marketing Manager (Crooto Software Ltd.) Remote

Lead ASO Manager (Belka Games) Remote, Relocate Georgia, Ukraine

User Acquisition Manager (Hypercell Games) Remote

User Acquisition Manager (ZIMAD) Remote

Marketing Lead (HyperVR Games) Remote, Relocate Latvia

Senior UA Manager (Facebook) (Hitapps)  Remote

Product Marketing Manager (APPSULOVE)  Remote

👉 Analytics

Data Analyst (Hypercell Games)  Remote, Latvia

Маркетолог-аналитик (Crooto Software Ltd.)

Lead product analyst (Artstorm) Remote

Senior Product Analyst (Scorewarrior) Limassol

Senior Product Analyst/ Game Analyst (BoomBit S.A.)  Remote

Product Analyst (Hypernova)  Remote

Product Analyst (Awem Games)  Remote, Cyprus

Product analyst (Artstorm) Remote

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