Top Job openings 30 June — 6 July 2022


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Top Job openings 30 June — 6 July 2022 - Boost InGame Job

👉 Programming

Gameplay Programmer (Ubisoft) Kyiv

C++ Backend Developer (Values Value) Remote

Head of Porting (Kevuru Games) Remote

Unity Developer (Secret Neighbor, IOS) (tinyBuild) Lviv

Middle/Senior Unity Developer (Klabater SA) Warsaw

Python Developer (APPSULOVE) Remote

Unity Developer (Vira Games) Remote

Backend Programmer (The Farm 51 Group SA) Gliwice

Gameplay Developer (Vostok Games) Kyiv

👉 Art

Senior 3d Animator (Holmgard Games) Remote

Senior VFX Artist (Gameloft) Budapest

Game UI Designer (Plure) Kyiv

Concept Artist (Thundermark) Remote

3D Environment Artist (realism) (Kevuru Games) Kyiv

3D Generalist (Vira Games) Remote

Environment Concept Artist (4A Games) Remote

Junior/Senior Technical Game Animator (Stratosphere Games GmbH) Berlin

👉 Game Design

Senior Game Designer (tinyBuild) Riga

Middle/Senior Game Designer (APPSULOVE) Remote

Game Designer (Vira Games) Remote

Game Designer (Values Value) Remote

Game designer (Stan’s Assets) Remote

Lead Game Designer (Paladin Studios) Den Haag

Level Designer (Activision) Barcelona

Game Designer (People Can Fly) Warszawa

👉 QA / Testing

QA Lead (tinyBuild) Hilversum

QA Tester (Klabater SA) Warsaw

QA Automation Engineer (PlayQ) Remote

Trainee Manual QA (OUTLOU:D) Remote

Director, Quality Operations (Zynga) Birmingham

Embedded Tester (Rare Co) Twycross

Localization QA Project Manager (Keywords Studios) Katowice

👉 Management / C-Level

Senior Game Producer (Kevuru Games) Remote

Associate Games Producer (tinyBuild) Belgrade

Associate Producer (Room 8 Studio) Remote

GAME PRODUCER (G5 Entertainment AB) Remote

Lead Producer – DICE (Electronic Arts GmbH) Stockholm

Senior Producer (Keywords Studios) London

Senior Producer (Rovio) Stockholm

M&A Project Manager (d/f/m) (gamigo AG) Berlin

👉 Marketing / UA / PR

User Acquisition Manager (HolyWater) Remote

User Acquisition Manager (SOFTGAMES GmbH) Berlin

User Acquisition Manager (Apperito) Prague

International Marketing Coordinator (Take-Two Interactive) Munich

Marketing Director (gamigo AG) Berlin

Creative Director (Reality Games) Kraków

Marketing Specialist (11 bit studios) Warszawa

Marketing Manager (Performance Insights) (KING) London

👉 Analytics

Big Data Team Lead (Fyber GmbH) Tel Aviv

Senior Data Analyst (Rovio) Helsinki

FP&A Senior Analyst (KING) London

Senior Data Analyst (Electronic Arts GmbH) Bucharest

Senior Data Engineer (Zynga) Toronto

Data Analyst (Tencent) Amsterdam

EPM Analyst  (Take-Two Interactive GmbH) London

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