Top Job openings 5 May β€” 11 May 2022

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Top Job openings 5 May β€” 11 May 2022 - Boost InGame Job

πŸ‘‰ Programming

Senior Front-End Developer (Ubisoft Ukraine) Kyiv

Unity/C# Developer (Program-Ace) Limassol

UE4 AI developer (tinyBuild) Remote

Unity Developer (Values Value) Remote

3D Programmer (Egosoft) WΓΌrselen

C++ Software Engineer (Rosetta Gaming) Relocate, Krakow

Lead Full Stack Engineer (BoomBit S.A.) Gdansk, Remote

Game Developer (C++) (Grip Digital) Prague,Brno

πŸ‘‰ Art

UI/UX Designer (Values Value) Remote

Senior 3d Animator (Holmgard Games) Remote

Unity Engine Technical Artist (Program-Ace) Kharkiv

VFX Artist (Egosoft) Remote

2D Artist (Freelance/Remote) (BetterMe) Remote, Kyiv

3d Animator (Bridgeverse) Irvine

2D Art Director for Gamedev (Latin America) (Devoted Studios) Remote

Marketing Art Director (BoomBit S.A.) Gdansk, Remote

πŸ‘‰ Game Design

Game Designer (Values Value) Remote

Senior Game Designer (Plure) Kyiv

Universe / Level Designer (Egosoft) WΓΌrselen

Junior Narrative Designer (BetterMe) Kyiv, Remote

Lead Game Designer (Green Panda Games) Paris

Lead Game Designer (f/m/d) (HandyGames) Giebelstadt

Level Designer (MythicOwl Sp.z o.o.) Warsaw

πŸ‘‰ QA / Testing

Lead Development Tester (Mobile) (Ubisoft Ukraine) Remote

QA Lead (Deadside) (tinyBuild) Remote

Lead QA (Plazma Studio) Remote

Lead QA Engineer (Green Panda Games) Remote

Senior Mobile Games Tester (m/f/d) (gamigo AG) Berlin

Senior Performance Quality Engineer (Wazdan) KrakΓ³w

QA Specialist (Flying Wild Hog) Warszawa

πŸ‘‰ Management / C-Level

Product Manager (APPSULOVE) Kyiv

Associate Producer (Ubisoft Ukraine) Kyiv

Scrum master (Green Panda Games) Kyiv

Product Manager (Apperito) Prague

Project Manager (Stratosphere Games GmbH) Berlin

Senior Producer (f/m/d) (Black Forest Games GmbH) Offenburg

Senior Project Manager (Room 8 Studio) Remote

πŸ‘‰ Marketing / UA / PR

UA Lead (Values Value) Remote

Head of UA (FLIME by Gismart) (Gismart) Remote

User Acquisition Manager (Apperito) Prague

Head of Performance Marketing (m/f/d) (gamigo AG) Berlin

Head of Monetization (Reality Games) KrakΓ³w

Marketing Data Analyst (InnoGames GmbH) Hamburg

Partner Marketing Manager (Epic Games) Guildford

πŸ‘‰ Analytics

Senior Analyst (Plure) Kyiv

Data Analyst (Hypercell Games) Remote

QA Data Analyst (Vizor Games) Remote

Head of Game Analytics (Koch Media GmbH) Munich

Data Analyst (m/w/d) (Koch Media GmbH) Hofen

Game Mathematican (Wazdan) Sliema

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