Top Job openings 6 April — 12 April 2023

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Top Job openings 6 April — 12 April 2023 - Boost InGame Job

👉 Programming

Senior Unity Developer (Belka Games) Remote, Relocate Georgia, Lithuania, Cyprus

Lead Unity Developer (Crooto Software) Limassol

Unreal Engine 5 Developer (Values Value) Remote

Lead С++ Developer (Volmi – A Virtuos Studio) Kyiv

Game Developer (C++ / UE4) (Games Factory Talents) Frankfurt am Main

Senior C++ Developer (Home Games) Kyiv

AI Programmer (GSC Game World) Kyiv,Prague

Gameplay Programmer (UE5) (Virtual Alchemy) Warsaw

👉 Art

Art Lead (Hypercell Games) Remote

Senior Level Artist (Values Value) Remote

Middle UI/UX Designer (Clockmaker) (Belka Games) Remote Georgia, Lithuania

2D Character Artist (G5 Entertainment) Remote Relocate Bulgaria, Cyprus

Level Artist (FPS; UE4) (tinyBuild) Remote, Serbia Ukraine

Lead 2D Environment Artist (Legou Games) Kyiv

Senior 3D Animator (Ringtail Studios) Chisinau

👉 Game Design

Game Designer (Hypercell Games) Remote

Senior Game Designer (Values Value) Remote, Relocate Cyprus

Lead Level Designer (Eschatology Entertainment) Remote, Cyprus

Head of Narrative (Belka Games) Remote, Relocate Armenia, Cyprus, Georgia, Lithuania

Lead/Senior Game Designer (UGI studio)  Remote

Senior Game Designer (Glera Games) Vilnius

Interactive story writer (PlayMe Studio) Remote

Game Designer (Pixward Studios) Remote

👉 QA / Testing

Game QA Automation Lead (G5 Entertainment) Remote, Armenia, Bulgaria, Cyprus

QA Engineer (Belka Games) Remote, Relocate Georgia, Lithuania, Ukraine

QA Engineer in Product Company (Program-Ace) Remote

QA Lead (m/f/d) (Deca Games) Remote

Associate Quality Designer (Electronic Arts) Bucharest

👉 Management / C-Level

Team Lead (Clockmaker) (Belka Games) Remote

GAME PRODUCER (G5 Entertainment) Remote

Producer (Values Value) Remote

Senior Game Producer (relocation) (Gear Inc) Remote

Senior Art Producer (AAA projects) (Volmi – A Virtuos Studio) Kyiv

Product Owner (BoomBit S.A.) Gdansk

👉 Marketing / UA / PR

Internet Marketing Manager (G5 Entertainment) Remote

PPC Marketing Manager (Tinysoft) Brno

ASO Manager (Scorewarrior) Limassol

User Acquisition Manager (Scorewarrior) Limassol

(Senior) Global CRM Manager (m/f/d) (Koch Media) Munich

Senior Monetisation Designer (Square Enix) London

👉 Analytics

Game Analyst (Values Value) Remote

Senior Product Analyst (Belka Games) Remote, Relocate Cyprus, Georgia, Lithuania

Senior analyst (Redpad Games) Almaty, Remote

Data Scientist (Hitapps) Remote

Product Analyst (Glera Games) Remote

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