Top Job openings August 10 — August 16 2023


Top Job openings August 10 — August 16 2023 - Boost InGame Job

👉 Programming

Lead Unity Developer (Belka Games) Remote

JavaScript Game Developer (Playable Ads) (G5 Entertainment AB) Remote

Unreal Engine Developer (Unannounced PC Project) (tinyBuild) Belgrade

2D Photobash Artist (Crooto Software Ltd.) Remote

Character Concept Artist (Plarium) Lviv,Warsaw

Lead 2D Artist (YARKI STUDIO) Remote

Unity developer (ZIMAD) Remote

Unity game developer (24Play) Kyiv

Frontend Developer (Layouts) (Edvice) Remote

Middle+/Senior Front-End Developer (Kevuru Games) Remote

👉 Art

Lead UI Designer (R&D) (Belka Games) Remote

Environment artist (VSQUAD studio) Dnipro

2D Photobash Artist (Crooto Software Ltd.)

Mid. – Sr. 3D Animator (tinyBuild) Belgrade

2D Artist (TechTellent) Remote

Technical Artist (Plarium) Lviv,Warsaw

Texture Artist (Characters Team) (Strikerz Inc.)

👉 Game Design

Narrative Game Designer (Crooto Software Ltd.) Remote

Senior Game Designer (Clockmaker) (Belka Games) Remote

Game Designer (tinyBuild) Belgrade

Senior Game Designer (LevelApp) Limassol

Unity Level Designer (Kevuru Games) Remote

Game Designer (Vira Games) Remote

Junior Level Designer (Glera Games) Remote

👉 QA / Testing

Lead QA Engineer (Vira Games) Remote

Senior QA Automation Engineer (Bitmedia Labs) Remote

Senior QA Engineer (tinyBuild) Belgrade

Manual QA Engineer (QS Games) Remote

QA (Nordcurrent Dnipro) Dnipro

👉 Management / C-Level

Senior Marketing Producer (Belka Games) Remote

Game Producer (Ubisoft Ukraine) Remote

Project Manager (G5 Entertainment AB) Remote

Producer (Values Value) Remote

Creative Producer (Playgendary) Remote

Art Producer- East Europe (Pazu Games) Remote

Executive Producer (Strikerz Inc.) Remote

👉 Marketing / UA / PR

Google Ads Lead (Values Value) Remote

Live OPS Manager (G5 Entertainment AB) Remote

User Acquisition Manager (ZIMAD) Remote

Chief Marketing Officer (Hitapps) Remote

Lead Marketing Manager (Brickworks games) Limassol

UA Manager (FreePlay) Remote

SMM manager English / Portuguese Language (Onlyplay) Remote

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