devcom 2023. Session Highlights

We invite every game industry professional to join us for devcom Developer Conference 2023 in Cologne and online!
devcom 2023. Session Highlights - Boost InGame Job

Leading up to devcom developer conference 2023, taking place from August 20-22 in Cologne, speakers are now rewarded with a unique goody: their very own ”Speaker Trading Card“ – an hommage to classic Trading Card Games and a ’Thank You!‘ to all of 150+ speakers who’ll be hitting a total of 13 stages in Koelnmesse’s Congress Center East.

Each card features individual profession symbols, the speaker’s name and picture, role and studio, as well as their favourite quotes and special abilities. All speakers can participate and add their card to the collection which will be revealed in booster packs – to start with, just  digitally. But if the overwhelming feedback the team has received so far is anything to go by, a physical edition may well be issued in the future.

The speaker and session lineup is growing constantly, in biweekly updates. Some of the latest additions include none other than Ron Gilbert (Double Fine), who will join the ”Beneath The Return to Monkey Island“ panel on Monday, August 21.

In addition, devcom attendees can look forward to talks, panels and fireside chats by EA DICE, Behaviour Interactive, Respawn Entertainment, and RocketRide Games giving the attendees insights on the development of Battlefield 2042, Dead by Daylight, Jedi Survivor and how to combine game development business with art. For smaller groups we will offer a great selection of roundtable discussions and workshops hosted by renowned industry experts.

“Our conference program is one of devcom‘s main pillars – a place to learn and exchange knowledge between fellow industry folks. None of this would be possible without the dozens – no,  hundreds of speakers who put in the work to make all of this happen, and I have massive respect for everyone hitting the stage. So, we were looking for something special, something unique, a memento for a good time at devcom. And I think our speaker trading cards are a great first step in the right direction!“
Nico Balletta | he/him | Head of Program at devcom


Finding Quality, Culture, and Players – an 18-Month Journey

Ryan McArthur | he, him | Senior Producer at EA DICE
Nika J. Bender | she, her | Producer at EA DICE
Kevin Moore | he, him | Technical Director at EA DICE
Evolving and improving Battlefield 2042. From accepting the situation at launch, finding a path and living up to our community’s expectations. How a team listened to their players and found their identity in Live Service.

Dead by Daylight: Birth of a Horror Franchise
Rebeca Polo | she, her | Senior Brand Manager at Behaviour Interactive
Rose Li | she, her | Senior Product Manager at Behaviour Interactive

Since its debut, over 50 million people have jumped into the Fog and Dead by Daylight has become known as the Hall of Fame of Horror, thanks to its many partnerships. Now that Dead by Daylight is recognized as a leading brand in the horror world, we are expanding the franchise by partnering with other entertainment companies in gaming, comic books, and film.

Making of Cere’s Base Environment Art in JEDI SURVIVOR

Raul Aparicio | he, him | Senior Artist II at Respawn Entertainment

Raul Aparicio, Senior Artist II at Respawn, will take you behind the scenes of how Cere’s Base in JEDI SURVIVOR was created – from the very first design sheet to the final polish, covering all the aspects of production taken to complete the level. This includes how to set up modular kits, materials, tech art, sculpts and of course the final world assembly.

We are on the Side of Art

Limpho Moeti | she, her | BizDev Manager at RocketRide Games

This is a talk that focuses on how to connect the business of game development to the creative and artistic side of games. Specifically, how understanding business development and seeing the studio as a company and business can help support and protect the developers, their goals and visions for their games. 

More updates on sessions, speakers and program will be released in the upcoming weeks and we invite every game industry professional to join us for devcom Developer Conference 2023 in Cologne and online!

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