Free online conference “Your start in IT” from the G5 Games Company

Interested in IT and want to learn more? Prospectively, but seems difficult? Would you like to work in IT but don’t know where to start? Do you think that IT is only for programmers?

Free online conference "Your start in IT" from the G5 Games Company - Boost InGame Job

We invite you to the Free online conference “Your start in IT” from G5 Games, which will help you understand the main IT fields and determine the first steps to start your career! 

At this event you: 

  • you will learn how it works, what are the fields and specialties in IT;
  • you will understand that everyone can find themselves in this sphere – it is not necessary to have a technical university graduation; 
  • get to know the real professionals in the field — the TOP specialists of G5 Games;
  • you will receive answers to interested questions; 
  • you will receive practical advice to start your IT career. 

Your Start in IT by G5 Games is: 

  • 6 directions — the topics of the lectures are selected in such way as to represent the IT sphere as widely as possible by one event; 
  • 6 speakers – G5 Games employees who have high positions in the company will share their experiences and tell how they started this journey; 
  • 5 hours of content – the lectures are prepared specifically for beginners, not to overload with terminology, to tell what kind of work this or that IT specialist does and what it takes to become one. 
Event details
  • When: December 3, starting at 12:00 
  • For whom: anyone can join! 
  • Format: online 
  • Language of the event: Ukrainian 
  • Registration: on the website https://jobs.g5e.com/conference 

After registration, you will receive a letter with a link to the Telegram channel of the conference, which will contain a broadcast link. 

Pay attention! Sometimes emails get into “SPAM,” so don’t forget to check this folder. 

About the G5 Games Company 
  • G5 Entertainment AB is a Swedish publisher and developer of mobile games. 
  • 21 years in the game industry; 
  • 250+ million users worldwide;
  • 900+ employees; 
  • 20+ world-class f2p projects translated into 15 languages.

Sign up and take your first step to start your IT career!

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