Games Job Fair. Connecting Passion & Talent Through Thick and Thin

With the Autumn season well underway and October just around the corner, it is almost time for Games Job Fair Autumn 2022; a recruitment, networking, and career-building event for the games industry.
Games Job Fair. Connecting Passion & Talent Through Thick and Thin - Boost InGame Job

Games Job Fair, which has been running twice a year since October 2020, was the next logical step for organizer Games Factory Talents (GFT) — a games-focused recruitment agency based in Finland — in their efforts to build a worldwide community where industry professionals can advance their career, network, and have fun in a friendly, welcoming, inclusive environment.

With these being tumultuous times for start up businesses, the fair had to evolve and adapt, a challenge Games Factory Talents was ready to take on. What started as an onsite event took the plunge into the digital, going fully online due to COVID-19. What was originally a sacrifice was turned by the company into an opportunity.

“We were forced to go online and it benefitted us in many ways, as our reach was much broader, both in terms of studios and talents. We identified this as a way to be able to strengthen the gamedev community in Europe.”

The increase in availability of remote opportunities due to the pandemic matched this newfound global reach of Games Job Fair, now attended by game developers from over 98 countries. It expanded to featuring studios from all over Europe, where remote-friendly job openings and relocation support became more and more common, as studios started hiring talent from all over the world.

Then came Russia’s war on Ukraine. Talented game developers from the country who were able-bodied, military-aged men became unable to leave, missing on opportunities abroad. The mass relocation of everyone else, as well as candidates from Russia fleeing their own country’s betrayal and aggression, led to an increase in unemployed developers, and changes in recruitment.

Even then, however, the games industry has proved its sense of unity and support. Many events have been held to help Ukranians and Russians find jobs abroad, inhouse recruiters from closing studios have been sharing lists of their employees in an effort to find them new positions, while remote options have been made available for those still unable to leave Ukraine.

Games Factory Talents, members of which were personally affected by the war, joined related initiatives, and upped its means of support for developers in need.

“In the beginning of the war, interviews and other communication with the candidates became more sincere and heartwarming. We started to discuss not only job related topics, but also the mental/physical soundness and safety of each other, how to support each other, etc.”

With an ongoing pandemic and an ongoing war, it is more important than ever to remain connected, help one another, and provide ample opportunity for game developers. 

After going fully online during the pandemic, the Games Job Fair’s October iteration will be giving job seeking talents and studios a chance to meet in person as well, with its last day featuring an onsite meet-up in Helsinki.

Games Factory Talents remains dedicated to its online shift, offering talent from around the world a chance to catch up, scale up, and meet up on October 26-28. With expert tech talks and panel discussions, Programming & Art Challenges, and diverse networking opportunities, the fair is looking to a bright and community-driven future.

If you are a game developer looking for work, the fair has many successful recruitments and relocations achieved, and is completely free for you to attend. Visit GamesJobFair.com for more information.

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