The Advantages of Working for an Online Casino Company

Whether you’re looking for a job that provides you with competitive compensation and room to grow in your expertise or simply want to be part of an up-and-coming industry, here are some of the advantages and benefits online casinos offer their talent.
The Advantages of Working for an Online Casino Company - Boost InGame Job

The iGaming industry is compelling and rapidly growing, and this growth has made joining an online casino company’s staff list a lucrative and exciting career opportunity. But it’s more than the industry’s growth that makes these companies appealing in a job search; they can offer a range of advantages and benefits that are rewarding and fulfilling.

Whether you’re looking for a job that provides you with competitive compensation and room to grow in your expertise or simply want to be part of an up-and-coming industry, here are some of the advantages and benefits online casinos offer their talent.

Good Compensation & Benefits

The US gambling industry has a tremendously high worth. In 2023, it broke records with an incredible $66.5 billion in revenue—and that’s not including the numbers from tribal-owned casinos; once these numbers are available, it’s anticipated the grand total will be $110 billion.

The salaries and compensation packages for companies in the industry reflect this industry’s worth. For instance, an entry-level online casino position, such as a customer service representative, typically earns $42,000–$44,000 annually, while their in-person counterpart earns around $34,000. But, of course, the specifics of this will vary greatly from place to place and role to role.

Many online casino companies also prioritize their employees’ health and wellness by going above and beyond required vacation times and sick days, as well as offering comprehensive benefits and other incentives.

Job Security & Stability

The idea that the industry is currently booming may raise worries that it could crash, following a boom-to-bust model that could leave you vulnerable to unemployment. Naturally, this leads to hesitations about the stability and security of entering this industry. However, the gambling industry has had a steady economic presence since its legalization in Nevada in 1931. The industry has long been a source of steady jobs, not just for casino workers but also for adjacent industries.

In fact, the gaming industry has generally performed well through recent job and economy-disrupting events like COVID-19, displaying the industry’s strong resiliency.

Job Opportunities

The gaming industry has long been a massive job creator responsible for nearly two million jobs in the US. So, it’s no surprise that the growth of a new gaming option would also add to the opportunities, contributing over 30,000 jobs already.

The development and continued success of an online casino requires different people with a wide range of skill sets and expertise to come together. The number of people needed to shape this success has already increased by almost 70% in the last five years. Given the soaring popularity of the industry, even more job opportunities are likely on the way.

Room for Professional Growth

Since the online casino industry is still quite young, having only been developed in the mid-1990s and regulated in certain states much more recently, it offers a lot of potential for professional growth and developing expertise.

This means that if you’re among the 90% of job seekers wanting a job that will provide growth and advancement opportunities, working for an online casino could have a lot to offer you. You’ll be able to develop skills to carry with you through the company or to other endeavors if you choose to move on. Regardless, you’ll be able to maximize the value you get out of your work through skill development, portfolio building, and experience.

Whether learning new ways to problem solve, responding to industry regulatory developments, or developing new game development techniques, there’s likely to be no shortage of challenges in a young industry like this that will keep you engaged and feeling fulfilled in your work.

All-Inclusive Events & Conferences

The iGaming industry hosts many events that offer opportunities to network, learn, travel, and even enjoy breaks from work life. These play a role in professional advancement and growth while also offering you a small taste of the fun and entertainment you’re helping to bring to players beyond free-play options like Mega Moolah in play for fun mode.

On the horizon are highly anticipated events such as the SBC Summit, which brings together gambling businesses and professionals from across North America, and various conferences in Europe like iGB L!VE, SiGMA, and ICE, which create learning and networking opportunities for professionals around the world.

Play a Role in Shaping a Responsible Gambling Industry

If you’re not one for the glitz and glamour of the casino world and have qualms about the ethics of working in the industry, you’re not alone. It’s a valid concern that comes up for many. But as contradicting as it might sound, many regulated and legitimate online casino companies play a role in shaping a responsible industry, most notably by embracing new technologies to reduce problem gambling.

Building a responsible and well-regulated industry is in the best interests of casino companies; it helps them build a gambling landscape where businesses can thrive. Even when it comes to concerns around problem gambling, taking proactive measures is the best option for the longevity of a casino.

According to Alan Feldman, a former MGM Resorts International executive, “Casinos need to have customers in order to sustain themselves… And the only way to have customers is to have customers who themselves are healthy and thriving and able to pay their bills and come back the next time.”

While working at an online casino company, you can play a role in embracing responsible practices that protect players.

Online Casinos Are Fountains of Career Opportunities

With so many different skills, education levels, and values needed from their workforce, online casinos appeal to a broad range of people in myriad ways. Entering the iGaming sector may just be the ideal next (or first) step in your career path.

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