Top Job openings 10 — 16 March 2022

Take a look at the top jobs of the week.

InGame Job and the recruiting company Values Value have collected offers with the possibility of remote cooperation and relocation.

Top Job openings 10 — 16 March 2022 - Boost InGame Job

👉 Programming

Frontend developer (Big Fish Games) Lviv

Senior Unity Developer (Thundermark) Remote

Engine/ Tools Programmer (Flying Wild Hog) Krakow

Unity Developer (Actum Games) Warsaw

Game Programmer (CD PROJEKT RED) Warsaw

Senior Unity Developer/Lead Developer (Hypercell Games) Remote

UI Programmer (Stratosphere Games GmbH) Berlin

AI Programmer (Funcom) Lisbon

👉 Art

Senior UI Artist (Nexters) Remote

Art Director (Plure) Remote

Level Artist (CD PROJEKT RED) Warsaw

Senior 3D Artist (Gameloft) Budapest

Senior Character Concept Artist (Funcom) Lisbon

2D Game Artist (Metacore) Helsinki

Animator (metricminds) Frankfurt am Main

Junior/Senior Technical Game Animator (Stratosphere Games GmbH) Berlin

👉 Game Design

Senior Mobile Game Designer (Gameloft) Budapest

Level Designer (MythicOwl Sp.z o.o.) Warsaw

Cinematic Designer (CD PROJEKT RED) Warsaw

Senior Game Designer (Plure) Kyiv

Senior Game Designer (Stratosphere Games GmbH) Berlin

Technical Director (m/f/d) (holoride GmbH) Munich

LEVEL DESIGNER (DogHowl Games) Limassol

👉 QA / Testing

QA Specialist (PROMATIC Sp. z o.o.) Warsaw

Community Manager (Stratosphere Games GmbH) Berlin

QA Lead (Hello Neighbor 2) (tinyBuild) Hilversum

QA Tester (m/f/d) (Digitalmindsoft GmbH) Ulm

Manual QA Engineer (Plure) Kyiv

Senior QA Automation Engineer (8Bit) Berlin

👉 Management / C-Level

Lead Producer (Funcom) Lisbon

Technical Producer (8Bit) Brno

Technical Producer (One More Level) Krakow

Project Manager (Klabater SA) Warsaw

Mobile Game Producer (Gameloft) Budapest

Producer (Tag Games) Dundee

XR Producer (m/f/d) (holoride GmbH) Munich

👉 Marketing / UA / PR

User Acqusition Manager (Vivid Games S.A.) Bydgoszcz

User Acquisition Team Lead (Plure) Kyiv

ASO Manager (AmayaSoft) Remote

Social Media Marketer (Chucklefish Ltd) London

Product Marketing Manager (Gameloft) Budapest

Marketing Engagement Specialist (Scorewarrior) Limassol

👉 Analytics

Head of Analytics (VALUES VALUE) Vilnius

Lead Game Analyst (8Bit) Berlin

Games Data Analyst (Stratosphere Games GmbH) Berlin

Data Analyst (Madbox) Remote

Junior Game Economy Designer (Gameloft) Budapest

Game Data Analyst (CrazyLabs) Skopje

Product Analyst (Huuuge Games) Tel Aviv

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