What was 2022 like for the InGame Job. Results, numbers, new options

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Another year in the gaming industry has flown by. Only this time, it was a challenging year for all Ukrainian companies. However, for InGame Job, the year results were even better than we could have expected. Let’s see what the InGame Job team managed to achieve.

What was 2022 like for the InGame Job. Results, numbers, new options - Boost InGame Job

How have we improved the platform?

  • We have implemented a new tool for uploading non-native vacancies. And the number of job ads on the platform has grown by 2 times and exceeded 9,000 ads!
  • Now recruiters can mark many locations for one job. The whole world is with us now!
  • We launched an English-language Discord and created channels for representatives of different gaming professions. Now we have 1200+ users.
  • We have created new products for clients. In addition to traditional Boosters for job promotion and partnerships, now we have monthly packages of services for gaming companies that include job promotion and HR brand development.

Our activities and help to Ukraine

  • We conducted a Big Salary Survey in Ukraine. So we found out not only salary changings but the whole state of the Ukrainian games industry in 2022.
  • We have organized two job walls at industrial conferences DevGAMM and Games Gathering.
  • With the support from our partners, we have organized a charity initiative this year to help Ukrainian specialists and businesses. The essence of the project is to match those who need help with those who are ready to offer this help. Over the entire time of this initiative, more than a thousand Ukrainian specialists have contacted us. 260 companies supported us.
  • We also held a charity event for representatives of the gaming industry in Cyprus – “Make games, not war”. Thanks to this event, we collected more than 17 thousand euros, which we divided between a Cyprus volunteer organization that helps Ukrainian refugees, several proven foundations, and volunteers in Ukraine whom we know personally.

We are in numbers in 2022

  • 461,692 users +11.2%*
  • 1,201,976 sessions +9.5%*
  • 3,797,749 page views +12.6%*
  • 1748 registered companies +30.4%*
  • 4949 native vacancies +2.3%*

*compared to 2021

The InGame Job team wishes you a good and happy New Year and Christmas!

Tanja Loktionova is a Game Changer (by GamesIndustry.biz)

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