How to Set Career Goals For the Year

In this material, we will explain how to plan the upcoming year in your career by properly formulating goals and why this can be beneficial.
How to Set Career Goals For the Year - Boost InGame Job

For this material, we have chosen the FAQ format to help you navigate the stages of setting career goals. If you have additional questions after reading the material, feel free to leave them in the comments, and we will definitely answer them!

— I have never set career goals for the year. I heard that many people do it now, and I want to try it too! Where should I start?

Start by asking yourself the question: “Why specifically do you want to set career goals? Where does this desire come from?” If it is related to the fact that everyone is doing it now, and you want to be trendy, it’s unlikely to be successful — you will probably forget about it after a short time.

Try to formulate what global task is in front of you. What do you want from this year in your career: to focus more on something, turn a dream into an achievable strategy, change the specialization of your activities, and so on. Understanding why you are setting goals will give you a reason to pursue them, no matter how trivial it may sound.

— Okay, I’ve figured that out. What’s next? Do I take a notebook and write a list?

Why not? Psychologists recommend writing down thoughts on paper. But you can use any method of recording: some people record audio and then listen, some create mood boards, some make mind maps. Any tools will do in this matter. The most important thing is that these tools are already part of your routine.

— How many goals should I set? One for the year, or can I achieve something every month?

Set one or two major goals for the year. Then break down the plan to achieve them: let each month be a new step towards your big goal.

Let’s use an analogy. If you want to run a marathon at the end of the year, this goal should be decomposed into many small tasks like buying running shoes, studying recommendations, finding a coach, and so on.

Limit each task in time. At the same time, incorporate your major goals into a long-term life plan for at least five years. All your goals for the year should have a common vector.

It is crucial not to limit yourself to the set goals while having a general vision of your career development. Sometimes a formal approach to fixed goals can deprive a specialist of the flexibility to make decisions.

So, instead of “I want to become the leader of my department,” it’s better to write “I want to advance to a leadership position” so that when an opportunity arises to move to another company for a leadership position, you don’t feel frustrated as if you are deviating from your chosen course.

How to Set Career Goals For the Year - Boost InGame Job

— How should I formulate goals better?

The formulation of goals is crucial. How you set a goal will determine how you approach it. There is a great approach called S.M.A.R.T. This acronym stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound.

Your goal should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

For example, the goal “I want a higher salary” does not comply with the S.M.A.R.T. approach because it is not entirely specific; it is better to specify how much you would like to increase your income.

— In general, it’s clear. But can you give another example?

Example? Sure!

Major goal for the year: prepare for employment in a foreign company. (Breakdown: 1) study the job market 2) make a list of skills required by companies, identify strengths and weaknesses, create a plan for skill development 3) self-education and mentorship 4) improve English proficiency 5) create a relevant resume 6) and so on.)

This goal fits well into a life development strategy, which we can formulate like this: “In five years, I see myself as a resident of a European country with a salary at the Senior level in my field.”

Let’s break down one of the directions to achieve the major goal.

  1. One of the mini-goals for the next six months is to enhance proficiency in English to an Advanced level. 
  2. To achieve this, I plan to have tutoring sessions twice a week, engage in daily reading of specialized English media, and watch series in the original language with subtitles.
  3. I will measure the outcome by taking a test or exam to evaluate the newly acquired language proficiency level.
How to Set Career Goals For the Year - Boost InGame Job

— How often should I check my list of goals?

If the goal is specific and significant, there is no need to reread it; it is already in your head. It is more useful to review and adjust the plan for achieving goals, the small tasks that contribute to the overall project.

Effectively control the implementation of this project using the OKR approach (“Objectives and Key Results”). Define several measurable parameters that can be used to judge achieved results. Check your planner once a month and evaluate these parameters yourself. You can come up with your own scale, no need to strictly follow Google or Intel guidelines. Assessing your performance in each direction toward the goal can be very useful; sometimes it adds motivation, sometimes it helps to pull yourself together.

— Should I show someone my set goals?

First, ask yourself why you need someone’s feedback, what do you want to get from it? Even for the action of “showing someone your goals,” there should be a goal.

If you are a team leader, and your career goals are related to the team and how you lead, ask your team members: “Do you think I have taken into account the company’s needs maximally? Have I correctly identified areas for my managerial growth?”

If you plan to gain expertise in a specific area/change specialization and want to hear the opinion of your manager, you can align your goals with his plans for your development in the team.

Often, publicly announcing your intentions adds motivation. It’s like making a promise to others, and you feel more responsible.

We also believe that objective and professional feedback on career goals can be provided by mentors and coaches.

How to Set Career Goals For the Year - Boost InGame Job

— How can my employer assist me with my career goals?

Let’s explore how InGame Job partners support their employees in setting and achieving career goals.

How to Set Career Goals For the Year - Boost InGame Job

Starting from the probationary period, we at Eschatology Entertainment find out what the employee wants to achieve: whether they want to grow as a manager, just develop in their area of expertise, etc. And then their manager forms a list of goals that will help the employee move in that direction. If necessary, HR and even somebody from C-level, who has a better understanding of the employee’s expertise, assist in this.

It’s important here that the goals are set not just on the principle of “do your job well,” but each should be a small challenge, at least slightly above the current capabilities of the employee. To achieve it, the employee is expected to improve some knowledge and skills. It’s also important to keep a finger on the pulse because if you set a goal for a year, it may no longer be relevant in a year, or no one will remember why we set it. Therefore, we try to limit ourselves to deadlines from one to three months, no more. At the same time, we periodically review current progress and, if necessary, provide assistance or make adjustments.

In addition, occasionally, we have presentations by the employees themselves, where we share some experience. In the near future, we want to expand this practice to a greater number of teams and participants.
How to Set Career Goals For the Year - Boost InGame Job

At QS Games, we’re all about your growth and development. Our Unlimited Learning and Development bonuses speak volumes about our commitment — they open doors to various training programs and courses because we’re big on learning.

We’ve also got your back with Personalized Individual Development Plans (IDP), aligning your
aspirations with our team goals for a purposeful career journey.

Support is key — our mentorship and leadership provide guidance, and our 360-degree feedback fosters transparency and continuous improvement.

In a nutshell, our system thrives on Growth, Learning and Development, and Support, giving every QS Games employee the tools to rock their professional journey.
How to Set Career Goals For the Year - Boost InGame Job

At tinyBuild we’ve got an annual employee review — like a 360-degree check. Our HR crew analyzes results and shines a light on what each team member rocks at and where there’s room for even more awesomeness. Then, managers team up with their team members to figure out the game plan, whether honing hard skills or polishing those soft skills. Employees toss in their own professional goals and the challenges they’re eyeing within the company. It’s like creating a masterpiece together, helping each other and the company grow and groove forward!
How to Set Career Goals For the Year - Boost InGame Job

VSQUAD studio has a mentoring system that helps employees determine their development vectors and career goals. New employees receive a mentor who assists them in navigating work processes, familiarizing them with the studio’s standards, and providing guidance on furthering their career. Our artists receive our support in their aspiration to become the best in their field, and we are always ready to offer resources and assistance to achieve that goal. For example, we develop our own internal courses.

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